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Results of the inaugural Sea-to Sky event 
November 20-21, 2021


The first edition of the Sea to Sky Extreme was indeed Extreme, with extreme weather adding to the difficulty of the tough course. Runners had to dig deep, physically and mentally, and we applaud them all. As night fell and the fog closed in, visibility was reduced to zero, and we had to make the very difficult decision to stop the slower runners from continuing. Our safety team judged that it would be dangerous for runners who had not yet cleared Madari Peak to continue. because the combination of fog, cold wind, rain, narrow tracks, and inaccessible terrain for rescue teams, made this extremely dangerous. A separate ITRA and UTMB-approved race was created for these runners, with a finishing line at the 90km Agios Ioannis aid station. Called the Sea To Fog, this race was awarded 4 points.


1 Pavlos Mavrogianis (M) (CYP) 16:58

2 Andreas Djiakouris (M) (CYP) 17:56

3 Viktor Olov Leonidou (M) (CYP) 19:07

4 Dimitrios Korakas (M) (GRE) 20:39

5 Andraz Renko (M) (SLO) 21:30, Trish Patterson (F) (UK) 21:30

7 Yianna Fysentzou (F) (CYP) 23:18

8 Elena Nikolenko (F) (CYP) , Marsel Khaidarov (M) (Tatar) 25:14

10 Christos Afxentiou (M) (CYP), Stelios Demetriou (M) (CYP) 25:14:01

12 Daniel Ryan (M) USA) 26:41


Adam Goldie (M) (UK)

Patrick Arce (M) (FRA)

Alice Lovell (F) (UK)

Chris Postlethwaite ( M) (UK)

Sotos Lamnisos (M) (CYP)

Darrell Jones (M) (UK)

Marina Melvin (M) (RUS)



Mona Helen Leonidou (F) (SWE) 15:46

Michal Thomka (M) (SVK) 15:52

Lazaros Sofokleou (M) (CYP) 17:20

Andreas Nikolaou (M) (CYP) 17:20

Petros Aristidou (M) (CYP) 17:20

Chris Coleman (M) (UK) 17:24

Oleksandr Dubrovin (M) (UKR) 17:55

Oleksandra Kleshchenko (F) (UKR) 18:45


A huge round of applause to the Hillbillies and Fun Runners who tackled these two Sea to Sky races with such good spirit. They were able to finish before the worst weather closed in, but still had to deal with some challenging weather including rain, thick mist, cold and even a little snow on top of Olympus. They managed to finish with some good times for the difficult conditions - perhaps the cold made them go even faster!

1 Dave Ryan (M) (IRL) 5:56

2 Roi Kalmar (M) (ISR) 6:15

3 Vasilis Adamou (M) (CYP) 6:32

4 Tomer Almog (M) (ISR) 6:53

5 Stefanos Doulgeridis (M) (GRE) 7:14

6 Maksim Petrov (M) (RUS) 7:34

7 Eftychia Frantzi (F) (CYP) 7:51

8 Ioanna Petrou (F) (CYP) 8:02

9 Andreas Koudounas (M) (CYP) 8:02

10 Patrick Thiele (M) (GER) 8:09

11 Andreas Kasartos Mashias (M) 8:20

12 Christopher Barnicoat (M) (UK) 8:23

13 Loizos Loizou (M) (CYP) 8:51

14 Kiriakos Xambas (M) (CYP) 8:51

15 Adrian Camilleri (M) (MAL) 8:57

16 Maria Makrothanasi (F) (GRE) 9:24

17 Tomer Patron (M) (ISR) 9:41

18 Simos Kitiris (M) (CYP) 9:44

19 Anna Romanenko (F) (ISR) 9:45

20 Victor Iordanous (M) (CYP) 10:03

DNF Nicolas Kourtellis (M) (CYP)

DNF Orit Poplinger (F) (ISR)

DNF Svetlana Golobokova (F) (RUS)

DNF Vassos Paraskevas (M) (CYP)


1 Leigh Garmory (M) (UK) 2:54

2 Johnny Ioannou (M) (RSA) 3:14

3 Lauren Hassett (F) (UK) 3:14:01

4 Stuart Wiseman (M) (UK) 3:17

5 Panayiotis Soteriades (M) (CYP) 3:25

6 James Hancocks (M) (UK) 3:31

7 Tuomas Venalainen (M) (FIN) 3:32

8 Vadim Rumiantcev (M) (RUS) 3:36

9 Nick Roberts (M) (UK), Jessica Corbel (F) (UK) 3:38

11 Kyriakos Schiniou (M) (CYP) 3:39

12 Clementine Archinard (F) (FRA) 3:45

13 Sarah O’ Toole (F) (UK), Lee Stevens (M) (UK) 3:51

15 Carrie Smith (F) (UK) 3:53

16 Konstantinos Kalogiannis (M) (GRE) 4:19

17 Joanna Thoma (F) (UK), Sarah Baillie (F) (UK) 4:45

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