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    The Sea-to-Sky Challenge - a perfect way to spend a weekend

The Sea-to-Sky Challenge weekend, to take place from May 3 to May 5, is NOT a race but an opportunity for runners to experience this beautiful but challenging route over two or three days, solo or with friends. The idea is to do the run in manageable stages, during daylight hours to enjoy the views, with some basic support along the way to make the journey easier. Runners can choose to do the new 100 mile option, the original 135km course or any section of the route they choose to.

Runners need to be self-sufficient, and should ideally have a back-up person/team, but we will provide a basic back-up service from the morning of Friday May 3 to Sunday evening May 5. There is no entry fee but we would welcome donations of 5-10 euros a day to help us with the costs of the back-up we will provide. If you would like to participate, send in an entry form to let us know what your plans are, or send us an e-mail if you have any questions.


What we will provide:


Drop-offs at the start:

Friday morning: Drop-off at the start of the 100 mile course (Airport Beach), and at the start of the 135km option (Alaminos). We will collect runners at Enalia, Journalists’ Village, in Pervolia for the drop-offs.

Saturday morning: Drop-off at the start of the 135km route at Alaminos. Possibility of drop-offs further along the route (eg Agios Theodoros, Lefkara Dam, Gourri). Collection of runners at Enalia, Journalists’ Village, in Pervolia.


Tog Bags

Friday: Transport of tog bags to accommodation at Palaichori.

Saturday: Transport of tog bags to accommodation at Palaichori.

Sunday: Transport of tog bags to Troodos (Jubilee Hotel).


DIY Aid Stations:

We will provide water and coke at key points along the route. Please carry your own bottles and cups.

On the Friday and Saturday, this DIY assistance will be provided as far as Palaichori. On the Sunday, from Palaichori to Troodos.


Route advice and information

Depending what distance you are planning to do, we can help you plan your journey with information about the location of water fountains and convenient kiosks/cafes along the route, navigation and good meeting points for your support team. We can also link you up with other runners planning the same distance as you so that you can coordinate.


What we will not provide.

In general, we will be out and about on the route for general support and advice for runners and their support teams. Runners could however be spread quite far apart, and this is not a race with teams of volunteers, so we cannot be there for everyone all the time

1 We cannot pick up runners who decide to drop out, unless we happen to be close by and it is convenient. (You do at least need a back-up person to call for this)

2 No drop bags.

3 We will have a basic medical aid kit with us in our vehicle but there will not be a medical team following the course. We recommend that runners or their support teams carry basic medical stuff with them (antiseptic, plasters, anti histamines etc). If anything more serious happens out there, you will have to call the emergency number 112.

4 Night-time support. Some runners are choosing to do the run as a non-stop through the night experience. We will not be around on the route at night to provide support for these runners.

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