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bib collection

130km Extreme race: Enalia restaurant, Pervolia

A warm and runner-friendly venue for bib collection, 21km from the start line.

Bib-collection will take place on Friday, 19 Nov from 6pm until 11pm, whereafter we will organise transport to get runners to Alaminos Beach, where the race begins at midnight.
This is a good place to have a pre-race meal, with proprietors Kyriacos and Fotini praised widely on TripAdvisor for their friendliness and their moderately-priced, big-portion meals.

With Alaminos Beach deserted and windswept in November, we thought it better for runners to gather at the restaurant, where we can lay out maps and be available for questions regarding the route and clarify details of the event.

It is also a safer place to leave cars -- for those who plan to leave their vehicles near the start and return from Troodos once they have finished their run.

Adventure Mountain Park.jpg

54km Hilly ultra:
Palaichori Primary School


25km 'Fun Run':
Adventure Mountain 

Bib collection for the Sea-to-Sky 'Fun Run' will be at the Adventure Mountain Park, Kyperounta, from 9.30am until 10.30am on Nov 20, 2021.

The venue will also serve as a major aid station for runners doing the two ultras and you may well see them arriving and leaving. Please cheers them along.

For runners doing the Sea-to-Sky Hilly 54k race, bib collection will be at the Palaichori Primary School  from 5.30am to 6.30am on Saturday November 20, 2021.
The school is also serving as a major aid station for runners doing the 130km Extreme event so you may well see some of them arriving and leaving -- please cheer them on!


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