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Sea-to-sky 'fun run'


For those who want to be part of the trail race weekend but are not ready to run an ultra, we offer the 25km 'Fun Run'.

The route will follow the last 25km of the Extreme event, starting at the Adventure Mountain Park in Kyperounda, following the trails up to the top of Mt Olympus (Shionistra) and ending at the Jubilee Hotel.


-- Start is at Alaminos Beach at  00.00 Saturday November 20 with a cut-off of 32 hours.

-- Relay teams are responsible for getting each member to the relevant changeover point.

-- All Cyprus Trail Runners events are cupless. Runners must carry their own cups/water bottles/receptacles for use at feeding stations.

-- Bib collection will be on Friday, Nov 19. Details to be announced.

-- Bib numbers must be displayed on the front of the runner's vest so they are clearly visible to race officials.

-- Anyone found littering along the route will be immediately disqualified. If you can carry a full gel packet or drinks bottle with you, you can carry an empty one.

Prizes & Surprises

Entrants to all races will receive a specially-designed Sea-to-Sky race Buff® headwear.


There will be photographic finishers' certificates for all the members of relay teams completing the distance.

During their journey from Alaminos to Troodos, runners will be passing through many beautiful mountain villages where local people make and create their own traditional crafts, food and drinks.


We aim to celebrate the culture of these villages of Cyprus by awarding prizes of local products to the winners of the various races, including the winning relay teams (first overall, first women only).

Entry fee for a 2-person team is 120 euros. Fee for each additonal team member is 10 euros (ie a 3-person team would pay 130 euros, a 4-person team 140 euros etc).

Play it Safe

Entry procedure

​Relay runners will be covering the same terrain as the Extreme runners, with some relay legs to be run in the dark. Although the distances are shorter, runners also need to be prepared to be self-sufficient and prepared for potentially bad weather. Depending on which relay leg you are doing and the weather conditions at the time you may need:

  • Hydration pack/water bottles with capacity to carry 1,5l of water

  • Cup/bottle for other drinks (we are a cupless race)

  • Good headlamp

  • Reflective band/strip/light (Some parts of the route, when it goes through villages, are on tarmac road

  •  Survival blanket/bivvy bag

  • Whistle

  • Working, charged cellphone

  • GPS navigation device (watch, phone)

  • Waterproof jacket with hood

  • Basic medical kit

  • Additional food/gels/electrolytes

  • Gloves Hat/Headwear

  • Long-sleeve top

  •  long tights layer.

The team coordinator must submit an entry form indicating the name of the team and also pay the entry fee.

All other team members must also send in entry forms, stating the name of their team.

We recognise that team members may chop and change so we don't expect a final line-up at time of entry.
Relay team runners can be changed or added to until the day day entries close on October 31.

NOTE -- Details of the checkpoints and feeding stations, as well as race markings are the same as for the Extreme runners.

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