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Be part of this
epic adventure --
help the runners
reach the sky


It's asking a lot of someone who is perhaps injured and unable to enter one of the Sea-to-Sky races, or who is a non-runner: give up some of your precious Saturday to help us operate a checkpoint, handle some of the many finish line tasks, take photos, massage tired legs, and/or tend to exhausted runners.

But that is exactly what we are doing. All races rely on volunteers to ensure that the event proceeds smoothly. The Sea-to-Sky is a lengthy, complicated event to organise and relies on the goodwill of volunteers to make it happen.

We humbly offer the following to those who are willing to assist:
-- a great day of adventure out in the mountains of Cyprus

-- the eternal gratitude of runners as they strive for the finish line

-- a beautiful Sea-to-Sky Buff 

-- a voucher for a hearty meal (at the Jubilee Hotel or an eatery of  choice) 

If you are willing to offer your services for all or part of the day (September 10) please send us an email ( specifying what assistance you are willing to give, even if only for a few hours.

Great will be your own personal reward!

The picture on the right shows volunteers having fun at the Theopisti nut butter aid station in Palaichori during last year's race.


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