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    Sea-to-sky 25KM

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For those who want to be part of the Sea-to-Sky trail race weekend but are not ready to run an ultra, there is an easier but no less scenic race option. 

The 25km (1130mD+) route will follow the last section of the Extreme 135km race, starting at the Adventure Mountain Park in Kyperounda, and following the Troodos trails up to the highest point of Cyprus, Chionistra Peak (Mt Olympus) at 1952m, before descending to the finish at the Jubilee Hotel.



-- The start is at the Adventure Mountain Park, Kyperounda, at 10am on Saturday, September 10.

-- Bib collection will take place at Enalia Restaurant, Pervolia, on Friday, September 9, and at Adventure Mountain Park on Saturday 10 from 8am.

-- There will be transport to the start at Adventure Mountain Park, leaving the Jubilee Hotel at 7:30am, for 5 euros per person. Please Indicate on your entry form if you will need the bus.  

--  This 25km race will demand a higher level of self-sufficiency from runners than similar distance road races or most trail races in Cyprus: distances between water stations are up to 8km apart, runners need to carry their own cups/water bottles for use at aid stations (our events are strictly cupless), the distance to the first full aid station is 14km from the start, and the route will be minimally marked out so some self-navigation may be needed.

-- Minimal marking means there will not be tape every 500m. There there will be blue and white race markings only at intersections, turn-offs, and where there could be confusion. While it will be possible to follow the route without using a GPX device, we recommend downloading the route onto a watch or phone to aid navigation.

-Anyone found littering along the route will be disqualified immediately. 

-- Entries are limited to 50 runners. Entry fee is 30 euros.

-- All entrants will be emailed a GPX track, a KML of the route with aid station details and landmarks, and a detailed race information guide. 


The 25km race is a perfect way to be a big part of the Sea-to-Sky adventure without having to run an ultra marathon.

The 25km follows the last section of the Extreme and 54km races so runners will experience exactly the same adventurous and scenic trails as the ultra runners, but on much less tired legs.

Just like the ultra runners, they will go to the top of Cyprus, over the 1952m Chionistra peak, and be able to enjoy the spectacular view from there -- but without having had to traverse 3 other peaks before, like the Extreme runners.

The 25km runners will also have the opportunity to see some of the best trail runners in the world in action as the faster Extreme and 54km ultra runners catch up with the slower 25km runners.

Faster runners can of course be competitive at the head of the course and will be recognised for their speedy running with prizes and awards -- but for the 25km race we also encourage slower runners and strong hikers to participate. 

There is no cut-off time so take your time along the beautiful course. Take photos, enjoy the views and cheer the top ultra runners along.


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