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Sea-to-Sky 135km extreme

The ultra will start at 00.01 on Saturday, September 10 on the beach at Alaminos in southern Cyprus.


From Alaminos, the course heads across hills, through valleys, over the peaks and up to the highest point of the Troodos mountain range, before dropping down to finish at the Jubilee Hotel next to Troodos square.

Runners have a maximum time of 32 hours to complete the entire distance.

The route follows trails, tracks, and ancient pilgrimage paths. The course is an exciting tour of rural Cyprus, taking in wheat fields, vineyards, olive groves, orchards, river courses, tracks alongside dams, a pilgrimage site, historical UNESCO buildings, forests, mountain pathways, goat tracks, and picturesque mountain villages. 

Entry fee: 130 euros
Max no of runners: 50

sea to sky cover.JPG

There will be 8 feeding stations along the way as well as numerous extra water points. Details will be contained in the race information pack to be sent to registered runners. 


Important information

1. Runners entering the 135km Extreme race must submit to the organisers proof of having completed a trail ultra marathon within the time limit set by that race, or evidence of an independent (non-race) trail run in which they showed self-sufficiency and endurance. Payment should only be made after organisers verify this information and approve your entry.

2. All transport arrangements are ultimately the runner's responsibility, including getting to the start and from the finish. However, we will organise a bus from Troodos to Enalia in Pervolia on Friday evening in time for bib collection and then on to the start line at Alaminos beach. Bus fare  from Troodos is 10 euros. The bus from Enalia to the start is free of charge.

3.The Extreme race is a qualifier for the UTMB's 100 miler World Series challenge. It carries a cut-off time of 32 hours, meaning you should finish by 8 am on Sunday, September 11 . 

4. Bib collection will be on Friday, September 9, at Enalia restaurant in Pervolia. Details to follow.


5. All Cyprus Trail Runners events are cupless. Runners must carry their own cups/water bottles/receptacles for use at feeding stations.

6. Bib numbers must be displayed on the front of a runner's shirt so they are clearly visible to race officials.

7. Anyone found littering along the route will be immediately disqualified. If you can carry a full gel packet or drinks bottle with you, you can carry an empty one.

sky add.jpg
UTMB qualifier.jpg
sky start.jpg

The Extreme race is listed as a qualifier for the UTMB's 100 miler World Series challenge

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Race markings

Runners must follow the prescribed route using the GPX file, map and route description. 

The course will be minimally marked out, with markings only at key intersections and tricky points to assist runners.

However, these will not be sufficient to enable runners to follow the entire route, so some self-navigation using the GPX track will be necessary.

However, because runners will be exhausted and some (Extreme) runners most likely still going through Saturday night, we will add extra markings to guide them for the final 25km of the race.


Runners will also be provided with a course description with tips for following the route. The official race course markings will be blue arrows and dots, with a white S on them (pictured left).


For some sections, runners will be following the E4 markings (pictured left)


Laminated blue and white race arrows with reflective markings will also be added to important intersections which runners are likely to be doing in the dark (pictured left)


There will be no race markings on public hiking trails.


Extreme course route.jpg
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